The range of Gold Medal compression fittings & valves are for use with high-density polyethylene pipes dedicated to fluid reticulation. They can be used in irrigation, drinking water systems and include many items suitable for a very wide range of plant engineering installation requirements. The sizes range from 20mm to 110mm. All fittings with a female threaded portion of 32mm or greater are reinforced externally with a stainless-steel ring.

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Product Dimensions

Dimensions Table

110/0020x001520 x ½"451385516
110/0020x002020 x ¾"451355516
110/0025x001525 x ½"551606316
110/0025x002025 x ¾"551606316
110/0025x002525 x 1"551636516
110/0032x001532 x ½"631867016
110/0032x002032 x ¾"631867016
110/0032x002532 x 1"631867016
110/0032x003232 x 1¼"631867016
110/0040x002540 x 1"792168316
110/0040x003240 x 1¼"792168316
110/0040x004040 x 1½"792168316
110/0050x001550 x ½"942549816
110/0050x003250 x 1¼"942549816
110/0050x004050 x 1½"942549816
110/0050x005050 x 2"942549816
110/0063x003263 x 1¼"11531312016
110/0063x004063 x 1½"11531312016
110/0063x005063 x 2"11531312016
110/0063x006563 x 2½"11531312016
110/0075x005075 x 2"12936313416
110/0075x006575 x 2½"12936313416
110/0075x008075 x 3"12936313416
110/0090x006590 x 2½"15541616016
110/0090x008090 x 3"15541616016
110/0090x010090 x 4"15541616016
110/0110x0080110 x 3"18552320116
110/0110x0100110 x 4"18552220216

Technical Data

Maximum Working Pressure:
16 BAR while operating at a maximum temperature of 20°C

Temperature Rating:
0°C – 45°C